Why Choose George Franklin?

Auto Insurance

At George Franklin Insurance, our advanced comparative rating system empowers us to ensure that your auto insurance isn’t just competitively priced, but tailored precisely to your needs, offering the most favorable coverages, affordability, comprehensive protection and peace of mind.

Home Insurance

At George Franklin Insurance, we provide a shield for your home, safeguarding it against potential damage, natural calamities, and unforeseen events – protecting what matters most to you. Utilizing our advanced rating system, GFI ensures you receive the best coverages at an optimal cost.

Competitive Coverage

Discover the benefits of the GFI advantage firsthand. We meticulously search the market through 200+ insurance companies, customizing optimal coverage and premiums specifically tailored to your needs, ensuring positive results in coverages and pricing.


We understand the importance of your financial peace. Our focus at GFI is on affordability that involves thorough searches for rates within your budget without compromising quality coverage or sacrificing your financial stability—a perfect balance for your needs.


Count on our seasoned team of experts with a combined 150+ years of experience to promptly and efficiently address any challenges, concerns, or queries you may encounter along the way. The staff at GFI has the experience to guide you through the very complex process of your insurance needs.

Your Independent Insurance Specialist

George Franklin Insurance represents many “A” rated, financially sound insurance carriers that are in the position to protect all types of risks.

While our products are always evolving, the top level of service that has existed since our founding remains constant.

What Our Clients Have To Say

Scott Laviano
YoYo Juice, Inc.

George Franklin Insurance SAVED me.. They were able to get me WC insurance the day before mine expired and my premium went down $100. If it was not for them I might have had to terminate all my employees due to the cost going up $3000. Thank you George Franklin Insurance!

Diane Varidin
Mardi Properties LLC

I received great service with competitive quotes for my personal and commercial insurance needs. Once the policies were issued, George Franklin Insurance continued to be accessible and answer my questions.

Dimitri Souitis
Gondolier Pizza

As a member of FRPG, a network of 1000+ independent restaurants, George Franklin Insurance was able to save my company thousands of dollars on my premiums with better coverages and lower deductibles. I would recommend any restaurant owner to contact George Franklin Insurance for savings and great service.

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